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Written by VKNIGHT


Launching on the Sega Genesis in 1995, Vectorman is a side scrolling platformer developed by Blue Sky Software. When it released it received many praises for its tough difficulty, and excellent graphics. Lets check it out.


                                                                Story- In the far flung future of 2049, Humanity has fled to the stars in an order to escape the polluted mess the Earth had become. Groups of robots called "Orbots" were left behind in order to clean it up. However, when the leader Orbot (Named Raster) gets accidentally attached to a Nuclear Missile, he somehow turns evil. Now he reprograms every robot on Earth in to wanting to kill the returning Humans. We're then introduced to Vectorman, fighting in an attempt to destroy the maniacal Raster (Or Warhead as he has now called himself), and save the planet from destruction.


Gameplay - Vectorman plays as a side scrolling shooter where you play as, well, Vectorman. From his arms you can shoot powerful lazerbeams in all directions, which can be used to mow down enemy robots who have been mind controlled by Warhead. You also have the ability to pick up powerups, giving Vectorman a variety of strengths (Such as turning into a bomb or going invincible). 

It also features a variety of interesting boss battles. The game starts with an attack helicopter which must be shot at from below. Or, there is a battle against Warhead where you play as a train trying to shoot at his hands and make him fall off the train tracks. 


Graphics- This is truly the most memorable aspect of Vectorman. Resembling the Super Nintendo title Donkey Kong Country, the game uses quasi-3d to give off a cool effect. The game often takes place from many different directions, and looks more at home on a next generation Sega Saturn console than a standard Genesis cartridge. 


Sound Design- The game has a very "futuristic" soundtrack. Considering it deals with robots, "Worldwide ComNets", and other sciencey things, a soundtrack consisting of classic 90s beeps 'n boops is to be expected (With a few voice lines from the titular Vectorman as well).


Longevity - The game is short. Quite short in fact. It took me around 3 hours to force my way through and beat the game. Unfortunately there isn't much to do after the credits role, so the longevity just isn't there. 


Considering that its a late stage Genesis game, Vectorman looks incredible. It has fun gameplay, and a good soundtrack but it wont hold your attention forever. 


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... looks more at home on a next generation Sega Saturn console than a standard Genesis cartridge.




- 1 Player


- Published by Sega

- Sega Genesis               


Fun Fact:


This game launched in 1995. That makes it one of the last ones on the console. Don't get me started on Vectorman 2!

Final Scores:


Story: 74%


Gameplay: 93%


Graphics: 99%


Sound Design: 85%


Longevity 62%


Overall: 86%