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Conversing with Seaman

The quality of Seaman that most peaked the interest of scientists was their ability to produce Human speech. Further dissection of a Seaman specimen at the University of Paris has displayed that the vocal cords of a Seaman are almost identical to that of the average male Human. Because of that revelation, it has opened an entire new world of discovery within the ocean depths with Seaman becoming the hidden link between Human and aquatic creature interaction.


In order to interact with Seaman you will need a standard issue Dreamcast microphone (Pictured to the right). Once your Seaman has reached the "Gillman" phase and you wish to open conversation with the creature, press and hold the A button while speaking concisely into the microphone. Note that due to Seaman's brain structure they are unable to understand long sentences. Keep interactions on your end to single word phrases when wanting to talk with the creature. Seaman can even become annoyed with continuous uses of long phrases that it simply can not understand.

The early stages of a Seaman's life are not easy for those wishing to have intellectual conversation. When the Gillman first emmerges from the Nautilus it mainly speaks gibbrish, but it is able to understand a few simple phrases such as "Hello" and "Bye". Continue speaking to the Seaman, and you will begin to instill the knowledge of language into him. Although it is currently not documented what his limits are in conversation, you will surely be able to research it further as Seaman's intelligence increases.