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Origin of the Species

The tale of the Seaman is one shrouded in mystery, and mythology. The debated mythological origin (Proposed by Jean Paul Gasse) was duly noted for the substantial ammount of evidence surrounding it. With no other more reasonable explanations offered it has been currently accepted as the leading origin of the creature by the French Anthro-Bio archaeology community at large.

According to Dr. Gasse, Seaman itself was directly linked in the explosion of ancient Egyption society with their flagship landmark: The Pyramids. With their construction beginning in around 2600 B.C, it perfectly coincides with the first references to Seaman in cave paintings (Seen here). Gasse hypothesized that Seaman would have to be the deciding factor in Egypt's desire to rush into erecting these massive monuments. In addition, Gasse believed that the Seaman could have been used as a way to transport the knowledge of Humanity throughout the world throughout the third dynasty. Their aquatic nature and Human vocal structure would have made them a prime vessel to spread knowledge from the desert nation across the oceans into other lands.

Throughout the many Egyption expeditions mounted during the original rush to discover more about Seaman, locals provided an intruiging (However unproven) account of the specie's origin. According to legend, an angered priest brought a request to Thoth (The Egytion God of Knowledge) to transform his daughter and her lover into creatures after being discovered having an affair. Thoth ablidged to his request transforming the man into fish and the female into a bird, after which they immediately ran away. The Pharoah (Feeling pity on the pair) commenced the creation of the Pyramids to function as a beacon for the two lovers to one day reunite.