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Understanding the Lab

The lab that you will be performing your studies was indeed the same one that belonged to Jean Paul Gasse. That means that it already contains the required equipment for a successful Seaman habitat. It is quite important that you understand the proper procedure for each utility before continuing your research.

Light - The Simplest of equipment to operate, the light aids in helping with vision, however it is recommended to turn it off whenever Seaman is attempting to sleep. When adjusted, it will swapped through three different lighting levels.

Oxygen - The Oxygen supplier is required to maintain a healthy breathing level for the Seaman. Once pumped in, it can reach a limit of 100 (The optimal air level). The healthiest level for the Seaman is to keep it in the range of 80-100. If it drops below a level of 50 Seaman runs the risk of death.

Heater - The Heater is necessary to keep the Seaman at a healthy temperature. The safest level to maintain is from 15 degrees to 19.9 degrees. Be careful though whenver operating the heater. Once the heater is heating up it wont stop immediately once you let go of the up arrow, and there is no way to bring the temperature down aside from waiting. Heat with caution.

Cleaning - The tank can become dirty, after a time. It is important to remember to constantly supply the tank with air, as that will allow the tank to retain the desirable blue color.

Remember whenever operating the lab that each numerical result is color coded: blue indicates that all is as should be, while yellow and red display that immediate action must be taken.