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Seaman's Evolutionary Phases

Origin of the Species

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Seaman's Evolutionary Phases

The journey of a Seaman from egg to amphibian is one that passes through many different bodily changes. Luckily for scientists avidly researching these strange chimeras, a Seaman has a strict path that must be followed in order to guide it through each distinct phase.

Stage 1 - Egg

The Egg is the first state of Seaman. When you first enter the lab, you will place it from the storage matrix into the tank. Once inserted, modify the tank to the proper status (Temperature, Oxygen, and Cleanliness) and it will eventually sprout into the "Mushroomer".


Stage 2 - Mushroomer

Once sprouted from the Egg, these mushroomers will respond to your taps on the tanks glass. To proceed from these Mushroomers into the second phase of Seaman you should use your taps in order to maneuver them towards the Nautilus in your tank. Once they are consumed by the Nautilus, they will eventually be ejected from the creature as the next phase in Seaman's evolution: the Gillman.

Stage 3 - Baby Gillman

This is the stage at which Seaman first displays speech capabilities. Although he will initially be unable to produce intelligent conversations, through learning your language you will find that their mental faculties will grow rapidly.


Stage 4 - Adult Gillman

The Seaman's most historically known form, the adult Gillman is when you'll see the largest increase in Seaman conversations. Following the "Survival of the Fittist" mentality, only the best Seaman will survive into adolescence as they feed off of one another. They are quite easily agitated in this time frame, so remember to treat them with the utmost respect.


Stage 5 - Tadman

Tadman is the Second to last phase of the Seaman. Its nickname "Tadman" is received from its resemblance to a Tadpole in the Frog life cycle. during this stage the Seaman's body transforms from a Green color to a dark red and brown hue. As well, the Seaman's hind appendages disappear in exchange for a longer tail.


Stage 6 - Frogman

The mysterious final stage of a Seaman's life, it has received the nickname "Frogman" due to its amphibious nature. Only two Frogmen have been successfully bred in captivity as of current. It is the first stage that can survive on land, but requires a very humid environment in order to breathe. Its hindlegs become much more powerful, and it begins to grow arms in order to maintain balance.