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Crazy Taxi 2


Written by VKNIGHT


Crazy Taxi 2 (Launching May 2001 in America) was one of Sega's last hurrahs on the almost dead Dreamcast. As the sequel to arcade smash hit Crazy Taxi, it follows the same formula of arcade fun with tons of new twists. Lets take a look.

Story- As a humble cab driver, your "story" is that you gotta rack up as much cash as possible! Why? I don't know, maybe you need beer money or something. 

Gameplay - The bread and butter of any Crazy Taxi game. Take your pick of driver and try to rack up cash by picking up passengers and loading 'em off wherever they want to go across New York. The controls are as smooth as ever, even adding in a brand new "Crazy Hop" which allows you to leap over traffic, and reach higher roads.

You'll notice each driver has a dollar sign above their head. That shows the distance they want to travel (Green being the longest) with the longer they go, the higher the ending payout when you drop them off. Brand new to Crazy Taxi 2 are multi passenger pickups (Indicated with a blue sign above them). Picking these dudes/dudettes up will net you a huge cash bonus, but put you at risk of running out of time.

Oh that's right, the time limit. Of course you can't just roam around forever, you've got places to be! If that 60 second timer runs out, then that'll be a game over. Don't worry though. After dropping off a customer, you'll get a time bonus depending on the distance and how fast you travelled. That means those long distance drivers can really save your neck with their bonuses. 

It wouldn't be a Sega Dreamcast game without tons of extra modes and unlockables. The Crazy Pyramid is the game's challenge mode, letting you take on increasingly difficult missions which test your knowledge in each of the games different vehicular maneuvers. Through beating missions you'll unlock new vehicles, maps, and even the original drivers from Crazy Taxi Arcade. The game has an online component too, letting you connect up through a 56k modem onto the Crazy Taxi 2 homepage. It even allows you to upload high scores, and replays off of your VMU onto the web to compete against other Sega fans. 

Graphics- Awesome. The models look much more cleaned up than the original arcade counterparts, with the edges on vehicles looking much more realistic. There's no visible popup, and the city looks incredible giving you the feeling that you're actually crashing through New York. 

Sound Design- Probably one of the best in Dreamcast history. Following in Crazy Taxi 1's footsteps, Crazy Taxi 2 features a jamming punk rock soundtrack from The Offspring (As well as a few samples from rap group Methods of Mayhem). Walla Walla, One Fine Day, and No Brakes fully capture the spirit of Crazy Taxi 2 and truly enhance the game's appeal overall. Sadly the game's soundtrack is forced to be censored in future rereleases due to copyright, thus making the Dreamcast version one of the only ways to get the true experience.


Longevity - A truly addicting experience that will leave you wanting to play more. It becomes a constant challenge to beat your high scores in an attempt to secure a new record to upload online. I'm hard pressed to find another game with the longevity of Crazy Taxi 2.


As the Dreamcast was winding down, it needed a few heavy hitters to send it off into the sunset with a bang. Crazy Taxi 2 definitely fulfilled that role.

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... A truly addicting experience that will leave you wanting to play more.




- 1 Player


- Driving/Arcade

- Published by Sega

- Sega Dreamcast             

Fun Fact:


Sega Swirl is the very first online game on the Sega Dreamcast. Yes, even before Seganet.

Final Scores:


Story: 80%


Gameplay: 93%


Graphics: 78%


Sound Design: 75%


Longevity 85%


Overall: 82%