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Chu Chu Rocket


Written by VKNIGHT


Chu Chu Rocket is a multiplayer party game/puzzler which launched on the Sega Dreamcast in November 1999. Chu Chu Rocket was the first major online game on the console, predating Sega's online service Seganet (And its flagship title Phantasy Star Online) by over a year.


                                                                Story- In the far off galaxy, a group of space mice called ChuChus live in harmony within the Chu Chu Spaceport. That is, until one day when the ChuChus biggest predators (Space Cats called KapuKapus) infested their haven. Now they must escape the port as fast as possible, however there is only enough fuel for one of the four escape rockets (Manned by Chuih, Chubach, Chubei, and Chupea).


Gameplay- You play as one of the four rocket pilots in attempt to gather as many ChuChus as possible into your rocket while deflecting dastardly KapuKapus. To maneuver them you must place arrows in the direction you want them to travel. As well, there are special "Mystery Mice" which will cause a variety of wacky effects to occur once entering a rocket (Such as a speed increase, or a flood of ChuChus).

The game also features a single player puzzle mode. It contains 4 difficulty modes each of which having 25 levels (100 total for the math uninitiated). This mode gives you a limited number of arrows in order to guide every mouse to the available rockets without a single one dying. CCR even has a puzzle creator giving you free reign over all of the game's tools.

Chu Chu Rocket's most impactful feature at the time of its release was its Network Mode. It allows CCR to access the Web for a variety of features. You can upload your user created puzzles to Puzzle Land, and download other user's. There's of course an online battle mode, letting up to 4 players take part in a typical party match. As well, though its now inaccessible, there was a built in web browser.


Graphics-  I actually really like them. It operates from a 3d top down perspective, meaning you can't really get a view for the character models (Except at the end of matches which has a swerving camera from "ground level"). It isn't exceptional (The animation looks somewhat stilted), but it does a good job of representing things in such a hectic enviornment.


Sound Design- Super catchy. The party mode theme catches the hectic nature of the mode perfectly with its bouncy techno themes, and the puzzle mode slows it down with some chill jazz. My personal favorites is the bombastic victory theme, and almost reversed sounding credits theme.


Longevity- The puzzles in this game will last you quite a while. The later stages get really challenging, and there is always online mode if you want to download some extra challenges. Party mode also goes quite a ways with a group of friends.


It is no surprise that Chu Chu Rocket is one of the most fondly remembered Sega games of the Dreamcast era. Its some good old fashoned fun.


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... The puzzles in this game will last you quite a while.




- 1-4 Players


- Published by Sega

- Sega Dreamcast             


Fun Fact:


Chu Chu Rocket was given away for FREE in Europe. Sega wanted to get as many people as possible onto the servers.

Final Scores:


Story: 85%


Gameplay: 96%


Graphics: 87%


Sound Design: 90%


Longevity 83%


Overall: 90%