Chu Chu Spaceport!


What is the Network?

Network mode is one of Chu Chu Rocket's prime selling points. It lets players all over the world use the Internet in order to connect them all together. As it released in 1999, the original Sega servers are defunct, however the Network can still be accessed today through private servers.

Connecting to the Network

While there are several ways to connect to the Internet through a Sega Dreamcast, a Dreampi is the most common method used in modern times. The Dreampi is a Raspberry Pi with custom software which allows users to use it like a dial-up modem. The place to purchase a Dreampi is here while users who want to DIY their own can go here. One you have acquired your pi, follow this video for a clear tutorial on connecting it to the web.

What can I do once I'm online?

I'm glad you asked! There's a pleathora of different activities to do once you're online. Firstly, you can check the Rankings to see who the cream of the crop are when it comes to Chu Chu Rocketting. Check out the Chat Room, to see what people are going on about in the server. Load up a game to face off against other pilots in a free for all, or team battle. Or check out the puzzle section in order to download the brand new challenges crafted by people from all over the world.