Chu Chu Spaceport!


The Goal

The main goal in Chu Chu Rocket is to collect as many mice as humanly possible within the 2 minute time limit. As well, you must divert as many Kapu Kapus as possible from your own rocket, because they take away a third of your ChuChus if they hit.

Placing Arrows

When playing the game, you obviously need a way to interact with the mice to get them to come into your rocket. That's where arrows come in. Each arrow direction corresponds with a button on a Dreamcast controller (Up arrow for the top button, Right arrow for the right button etc.). The mice and Kapu Kapu's will always turn right at a wall, so keep that in mind when placing your arrows. As well, Kapu Kapu's can break down your arrows if they run over them from the front (I.E if the Kapu Kapu is moving left and the arrow is facing right) twice.

Knowing the Port

Crazy Through The Spaceport levels in Chu Chu Rocket each have their own features that you should be aware of. Firstly, each map has "hatches" that the Mice and cats come from. Secondly, are the "holes". If a ChuChu or Kapu Kapu touch this space, they'll fall in. Finally, if there is a hole in the outer wall then the characters will walk through it to the other side.

Roulette Wheel

Throughout the course of battle, you will come across special "Mistery Mice" (Indicated with a question mark). If you can lead one of these odd Chuchus to your rocket it will produce a vast ammount of crazy effects.

1. Mouse Mania - A massive hoard of mice will emerge from the hatches. There are no Cats, so go crazy with arrows!

2. Cat Mania - The most terrifying of the Roulette options. Tons of Kapu Kapus will storm the spaceport with no friendly mice in sight.

3. Speed Up - This increases the speed of all the characters on screen (Including the Kapu Kapus!).

4. Slow Down - This does the inverse of "Speed Up" and halts all characters to snail speed.

5. Place Arrow Again - This removes all arows from the screen, and temporarily pauses action for everyone to place a new layer of arrows.

6. Cat Attack - The pilot who triggers this will send a cat into every opponent's rocket (Destroying their mouse population by one third).

7. Everybody Move - Every player's rocket swaps places on the map with one another.

8. Mouse Monopoly - The most sought after roulette result. This effect will cause hundreds of mice to flood into your rocket, completely unhindered.

Puzzle Mode

Kapus Asside from the traditional battle mode, Chu Chu Rocket boasts a lengthy Puzzle Mode. In it you'll be able to complete challenging puzzles requiring you to use a limited number of arrows to get each mouse to the rocket safely. It operates roughly the same as typical gameplay.

Network Mode

One of the core features of Chu Chu Rocket is the ability to play online with your friends through Network Mode. You can use a variety of methods (Check here for a tutorial) to reach the servers now that the original Sega ones are defunct. Feel free to chat, play online mode, download puzzles, and more!