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What is Area Sega?

In the times of my youth in the late 90's Sega truly was the king of the internet. The websites dedicated to their consoles, characters, and everything in between numbered in the hundreds. With my personal favorite sites being Outpost Sega, Segaweb, Sega X, and The Sega Zone, I would spend my days endlessly browsing their sites, and posting onto their forums. It was my preteen self's version of Heaven.

Sadly, we all know this didn't last forever.

In the early 2000's Sega announced their departure from console manufacturing. This would end up crippling many of these sites which relied on Sega News to remain relevant. Over the last 20 or so years, these sites that were king during Sega's heyday would begin to fall to the wayside. Domains would dissipate, forums would shut down, and their communities would move on to the few Sega websites which have remained in full operation to this day.

That's where Area Sega comes in. Inspired by these now forgotten websites, I aspired to create a new one to carry on their legacy. A modern site built for the classic age if you will. I would update the public with up to date reviews, news, and more through the package of vibrant early 2000's design. After a few attempts starting in late 2020, I would finally begin work on Area Sega in August 2021. Although it might not be much now, this is truly the website that I always dreamed of surfing once again.

- VKNIGHT (Webmaster)